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About us

The ITALPROD SRL and the Italian company TFG INTERNATIONAL SRL have a long-term working experience on markets of Republic of Moldova, Russian FederationRumania, Israel, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Armenia. We offer a full range of services for the design, delivery, installation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment used in the beverage industry.

Since 2001, ITALPROD SRL has been supplying both individual machines and complete lines for system processes, bottling, pre-packaging and packaging of all liquid, viscous and free-flowing products, both of own production and from Italian manufacturers.

In addition, ITALPROD SRL together with TFG INTERNATIONAL SRL designed and raised tank stock in several factories in Russian Federation, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Romania and Republic of Moldova.

Among competitors, ITALPROD SRL distinguishes itself by product quality and individual approach to customers. The 20 years of experience on International Market allows us to anticipate the demand, to calculate and deliver products in the required quantity.

The geographical location of the Republic of Moldova makes it possible to minimize the time and cost of transportation of raw materials and finished products. Stainless steel for the tanks production and other equipment is purchased in Europe from manufacturers like Outokumpu and Marcegaglia, accessories, fittings and wire products - from well-known Italian manufacturers.

ITALPROD SRL has modern, high-tech equipment for automatic tank’s production. Various welding equipment and instruments from Miller, Stel, Fronius, Flex, Bosch and other manufacturers.

For the supplied equipment, ITALPROD SRL can provide for its clients from European Union the certificate of origin Euro1, and for clients from CIS countries - the certificate ST1. These certificates generally exempt the Buyer from customs duties, making ITALPROD SRL a cost-effective supplier partner.

Among the clients of ITALPROD SRL and TFG INTERNATIONAL SRL are:

       • JSC «IGRYSTIY VINA» Sankt-Petersburg, Russian Federation;
       • «DERBENTSKAYA VINODELYCESKAYA COMPANIA» Co Ltd, Dagestan, Russian Federation;
       • OJSC «Derbentsky Zavod Igrystyh Vin», Dagestan, Russian Federation;
       • JSC«MOSKOVSKY COMBINAT SHAMPANSKYH VIN» Moscow, Russian Federation;
       • JSC «RISP» Moscow, Russian Federation;
       • OJSC «KAVIGRIS» Zheleznovodsk, Russian Federation;
       • OJSC «MAHACHKALINSKY VINZAVOD», Dagestan, Russian Federation;
       • «DAGVINO-М» Co Ltd, Dagestan, Russian Federation;
       • JSC «DERBENSKY KONIACHNY COMBINAT», Russian Federation;
       • JSC VKZ «IZBERBASHSKY», Dagestan, Russian Federation;
       • JSC «NADLIMANOIE», Krasnodar region, Russian Federation;
       • СJSC «MINSKIY ZAVOD VINOGRADNYH VIN», Minsk, Byelorussia;
       • «VİNAQRO» LTD Baku, Azerbaijan;
       • «AZ-GRANATA LLC» Baku, Azerbaijan;
       • «SRL SHARAB 2» Jalalabad, Azerbaijan;
       • «NOVY PRODUKTY» Kiev, Ukraine;
       • JSC TD «MEGAPOLIS» Zaporizhzhia, Feodosia, Ukraine;
       • JSC MARZ «Araratsky Konyachny Zavod «А.К.Z.», Ararat, Armenia;
       • JSC «MAP» Armavir, Armenia; 
       • JSC «SHAUMEAN-VIN» Shaumean, Armenia,
       • JSC «VINTON»
       • JSC «Dyonisos Cotesti»
       • JSC «BERE AZUGA»

as well as many wine-making companies from Republic of Moldova:

       • JSC «Chateau Vartely»
       • JV «FAUTOR»
       • JSC Wine-making company «CRICOVA»
       • JSC «MAURT» SRL
       • JSC «Vinaria din Vale»
       • JSC «MIGDAL-P»
       • JSC «LION-GRI»