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Cylindrical and vertical autoclave of 300 hl made in stainless steel, PED tested.

Constructive characteristics:

  • Material: shell and bottom in EN10028-7 WNR 1.4301 (AISI 304).
  • Weld seams: brushed according to our standard.
  • Internal finishing: for shell thickness below 6 mm - 2B; for thickness above 6 mm - 1; satinated top and bottom.
  • Internal and external cleaning by pickling and full passivation.
  • Domed top and bottom with semi-elliptical profile.
  • Cylindrical shell made from rings welded butt-to-butt.
  • Air interlayer with threaded joints IN/OUT.
  • Cylindrical supporting legs, with adjustable finger and bearing disc made of stainless steel.


1) Oval access door 370x480 mm, with internal opening;

2) Socket for partial discharge with butterfly valve in stainless steel with plug;

3) Socket for total discharge with butterfly valve in stainless steel with plug;

4) Socket for remontage with butterfly valve in stainless steel with plug;

5) Internal pipe for remontage;

6) Level unit consisting of lower sampling tap, upper valve, glass pipe and stainless steel case;

7) Safety unit, consisting of:

- Discharge pipe.

- Safety valve in stainless steel, calibration at 6 bar.

- Pressure gauge with the scale 0/10 bar.

- Discharge valve and relief valve in stainless steel.

8) Sampling tap in stainless steel;

9) Fitting on the shell for temperature probe ½” Gas Male with plug;

10) Fitting for temperature probe with the scale -10°/+50° C;

11) Washing pipe DN 25 with ball valve in stainless steel and upper washing ball;

12) Ringbolt for lifting;

13) Data plate.


  • Shell insulated by self-quenching polyurethane panels with a density of 30-35 kg/m3, 80 mm thick, with a double layer connected in staggered order, fixed by plastic straps
  • Insulation of the top and bottom by injection of self-quenching polyurethane with a density of 30-35 kg/m3, thickness of 80 mm.
  • External coating of insulation with sheets in stainless steel AISI 304, thickness 0.6 mm, on rivets, finishing 2B.
  • Injection of self-quenching polyurethane with a density of 30-35 kg/m3 into supporting legs.
  • Hatch insulation.

Technical data:

Nominal volume:                             300             hl

Dimensions:                                    Ø body              2.464       mm

                                                        Ø insulation      2.670       mm

Total height:                                     8080 mm

Legs:                                               06

Valves:                                            DN 50

Testing:                                           Working pressure:            6,0       bar

                                                  Hydraulic test pressure:    9,0       bar

                                                  Working temperature:       -10/+50°C