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Motorized feeding hopper (OPTIONAL)

Made of stainless steel with motorized screw 250x250, with discharge of excess must and plug on chain DN40.      


Electronic speed variator for the cage and the beater shaft.

The machine was designed with a cage slightly displaced with the axle relative to the bit, with the possibility of adjusting the distance between the paddle tips and the cage. This makes it possible to optimize the separation of grape berries.

Washing device.

The mechanic construction is conceived to enable quickly the removing of the transmitting group and the horizontal extraction of the destemming shaft and cage.
Such a feature results in an easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit.


Crushing unit with cylindrical rollers coated by foodgrade rubber. 

The distance between the rollers is adjustable to avoid crushing the seeds. The units are equipped with micro switches for detecting the presence of foreign objects.

Pump collecting hopper        

A large hopper is installed between the pump and the crusher, complete with a product sensor and a level probe.

The machine is delivered without electric service panel, but with a steel switchbox.

The option to choose the working regime: to crush or not, destem or not.


  • Voltage:                                  400 V
  • Frequency:                             50 Hz
  • Phase:                                    03
  • Motorized hopper power:       1,1 kW
  • Destemming power:               5,5 kW
  • Crushing power:                     2,2 kW
  • Capacity:                                40-50   t/h