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The first of an innovative technology

Juclas, using 10 years of experience, can offer a process of must and fruit juices clarification and stabilization through flotation, using continuous and discontinuous processes.


• refrigerant savings;

• possibility of determining before hand, the desired grade of turbidity of the must to allow a more efficient management of the fermentations;

• reduced use of adjuvants;

• rapid separation of microorganisms indigenous to the must;

• higher yield of the clarified must for better compacting of the lees;

• less lees to be filtered;

• possibility of using gas based on the wine making needs.

• possibility of making wine with the reduction process (wine gas: nitrogen);

• possibility of making wine with the hyperoxygenation process;

• easy separation of coal;

Characteristics of continuous action units:

• Solids in product to be processed: up to 15%

• Residual solids in clarified product: less than 0,5%

• Productivity up to 50.000 l/h

EASYFLOAT Flotation unit

Discontinuous mini flotation unit used to achieve the desired level of turbidity in real time.

EASYFLOAT has been designed to carry out flotation during pumping over on tanks.
Gas dissolution takes place by means of a pump, through a stainless steel pressurizing cylinder. Its function is of the utmost importance: it acts as a dissolver, thus allowing for the aggregation of the flocculants with the gas and solid particles to be eliminated.

EASYFLOAT can operate both with air and with nitrogen, so it is suitable with traditional, hyperoxygenation and reductive wine making techniques. 


 FlottoPlus        2.0 

Chitosan-rich cell walls with high surface electric charge specific for flotation and clearing – ALLERGEN FREE


Very pure “pigskin” alimentary gelatin specific for flotation. Is the first oenological adjuvant selected through the evaluation of surface electrical charge The raw materials used in its production ensure the formation of a hydrophobic flock able to easily adhere to the gas used in the separation processes through flotation.


Enzymatic pool with high pectolytic activity for difficult clarifications. Specific for flotation. . Available in liquid (L) and powder (P).

 30SIL e 40SIL

Aqueous dispersion of silicon dioxides 30% and 40%. Is used in combination with gelatin or other protein clarifying agents,  to form electrostatic bonds with positively charged substances. Together they form a lattice that by precipitating makes the fluid clear, with a more compact less


Extremely pure, sodium-activated bentonite powder specific for flotation.  Is composed of selected, high purity montmorillonites. Suitable for being used in flotation clarification processes. High deproteinising and clarifying power.


Active vegetable carbon specific for flotation. Due to its characteristics, easily adheres to the flotation gas. Its adsorbing action is particularly effective against anthocyanins and easily oxidisable oligomers, which are a cause of instability in white wines