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Glycol distribution system

TANK AND PUMPING GROUP, elaborated by our specialists depending on productive needs.

Pumping unit for chilled glycol distribution. The chilled water distribution system consists of:

  • Stainless steel buffer tank of 5.000 l
  • Buffer tank insulation made of polyurethane and stainless steel coating.

Pumping unit equipped with electric control panel with internal wiring and consists of:

  • Storage box provided for outdoor installation consisting of:
  • Galvanized bearing profiles, painted for greater resistance to atmospheric factors.
  • Galvanized and painted closing panels.
  • Internal panel insulation with closed cell material.
  • Special accessories and components in stainless steel:
  • Inlet pressure transducer.
  • Feeding and aspiration collectors in stainless steel with flanged joints, couplings with pressure gauge and pressure sensor.
  • An electric pump made of stainless steel on the cooling unit inlet from 80 to 100 m3/h at 2.5 bar, with butterfly intercepting valves.
  • Nr.3 electric pumps in stainless steel from 180 to 240 m3/h at 2,5 bar, with butterfly intercepting valves.
  • Non-return valves.
  • Temperature probe on consumer feeding line.
  • Pressure sensor on collecting tank.
  • Glycol level sensor on buffer tank.
  • Electric control panel of pumping group:
  • Panel with safety door.
  • Power switch with door blocking.
  • Pump actuator with counter and remote switches.
  • Inverter.
  • Pump starting software.
  • Pressure sensor with filter.
  • Pump starting lightning switches for manual/automat mode.
  • Fuses on auxiliary circuits.
  • Fan for ventilating the electric panel.
  • PLC with command program and control of pumps and sensors.