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 Premium UVA SG

 Elegant condensed tannin-based product extracted from grapes.


 Premium Vinacciolo SG

 Elegant, condensed tannin-based granular product, the result of a careful selection of the best extractable grape tannins


 TI Premium SG

 Highly soluble, granular catechin tannin extracted from green tea.


 Premium Resveratrolo SG

 Granulated tannin, produced from a mix of condensed tannins extracted from high quality vegetal raw materials which make this product particularly fit for oenological use




 Safe Tan SG

 Highly soluble, specific blend of gallotannins. Very useful tool in the case of grapes with compromised health status and, in general, for redox protection. 


 Etere SG

 Tannin for winemaking with high chemical activity


 Premium Stab SG

 Fine tannin-based granular product with total antioxidant protection action, extracted from selected gallnuts. Very soluble.


Gallic-ellagic blend    


 Tannino Special SG

 Highly soluble, gallic-ellagic granular product extracted from selected vegetable raw materials.


Catechin-gallic-ellagic blend


 V Tan SG

 Pool of ellagic, gallic and catechinic tannins with synergistic action for colour stabilisation and red wine structuration. Granulated.


 Color Stab SG

 High soluble pool of ellagic, gallic and catechinic tannins of common action for colour stabilization of good red wines


 Premium Color SG

 High soluble granular pool of ellagic, gallic, catechinic and procyanidic tannins with synergic action for colour stabilisation of “top-of-the-range” red wines


Catechin-gallic blend


 TuttiFrutti White SG

 Granular product obtained from an exclusive balanced combination of gallic and condensed tannins, stabilized with natural polysaccharides to maintain varietal aromas. It is used in the treatment of white and rosé wines from the initial preservation phases


Catechin-ellagic blend      


 V Tan L (liquid)

 Balanced mixture of several types of tannins with protective and colour-stabilising action. Structuring. A liquid product.




 Easy Tan 

 Highly soluble granular product based on a refined selection of ellagic tannins


 Smartan SG

 Highly soluble, soft ellagic tannins in a granular blend obtained from French oak. It is used to manage reduction, reducing the “vegetable” notes coming from extracted tannins and to give harmony and oxidative resistance.


 Barrel Tan L (liquid)

 Ellagic tannin-based preparation in liquid form, obtained from high-quality, French and American toasted oak timber.


 Premium Tan SG

 Oenological tannin, obtained from valuable oak sorts from French forests, granulated, highly soluble.


 Premium Limousin SG

 A historic and well-known product, obtained from French oak timber Limousin. Highly soluble, granulated.


 Premium Limousin Special SG

 Highly soluble ellagic tannin-based granular product obtained from delicate French oak timber through a specific extraction, desiccation and toasting process.


 Premium Whisky Lattone SG

 Granulated product obtained from tannins extracted from high quality American oak.


 Premium Tostato SG

 Highly valuable ellagic tannin-based granular product obtained from toasted French oak through an exclusive extraction and desiccation process.


 TuttiFrutti Red SG

 Product obtained from exclusive ellagic tannin stabilized with natural polysaccharides. Characterized by fruity varietal and fermentative notes.


 Cold White Tan

 Fresh mixture of ellagic and catechinic tannins in granular form. Due to its composition, it is attractive for protecting the wine’s flagrance according to its typicality.


 Cold Red Tan

 Obtained from a unique and exclusive mixture of condensed tannins, interesting for its characteristics to protect the wine fresh, conserving its typicality.